Healthcare Providers:
Discover How to Enhance Patient Care Using Scent.

Most healthcare professionals are aware of the powerful impact of scent. Studies have shown that scent can be used in many applications to positively affect the behaviors and emotions of patients and staff.

Different areas of your healthcare facility probably have distinct, if not so subtle aromas; these aromas are often accidental, unplanned and even undesired. Have you considered the impact of these aromas on your employees and patients? Now, you can easily and cost-effectively benefit from scientifically-proven scent technology, which will have a positive impact on both patients and staff, and greatly enhance the healthcare experience for all concerned.

Example Uses

• Certain scents can be used in MRI facilities to decrease claustrophobia and tension.

• Relaxing scents can aid in calming patients in stressful situations caused by pre-surgery, clinics or even dental surgery and blood transfusions.

• Neutralizing scents can be used to remove malodors in wound care wards, gastro wards, geriatric wards, oncology wards (it is, however, inappropriate in areas where patients are receiving chemotherapy, as patients often have a heightened sense of smell and any smell can cause these patients discomfort).

• Certain odors can be used to treat malodors and have antibacterial properties, others decrease anxiety and tension.



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